Holomon Early Harvest Olive Oil 500ml

Single variety Early Harvest Olive Oil of low acidity. It is produced from the Variety “Green olive of Halkidiki” and the harvesting process is done entirely by hand. The oil is produced in less than 48 hours and only by mechanical cold pressing method at 25-27 ⁰C. The early harvest olive oil is bottled without going through any other mechanical process, thus preserving all its beneficial properties.

Due to its high content of polyphenols, Holomon Early Harvest Olive Oil has the status of Health Claim according to the European regulation 432/2012 of the EFSA European Food Safety Authority.

Holomon Early Harvest Olive Oil production is limited. Only 400 bottles of high quality single variety Early Harvest Olive Oil are produced, 500ml each. Each bottle is numbered with its own unique number.

Net weight: 500ml


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How to use

Use our Early Harvest Olive Oil as a dietary supplement, 1 tablespoon in the morning or as an accompaniment to salads, vegetables, grilled fish & meat. It is added towards the end of the meal to keep its ingredients as unchanged as possible.


Net Weight



500ml glass bottle


Extra virgin Olive oil of early harvest.

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