Mountain Tea or Sideritis (Sprigs)

Mountain Tea or Sideritis (Sprigs)

It is considered to be an aromatic medicinal and apicultural plant. It is said to be beneficial for the stomach, against dementia, flu and cough. It is considered to have calming properties and to assist in good sleep. Contains iron. Is beneficial for healthy weight loss.

Caution This information is derived from botanical research and books, is provided for informational purposes only, and may in no way constitute medical information or medical advice. For any use for therapeutic purposes, consult your doctor. Avoid the use of herbs during pregnancy.

Net Weight: 45 gr


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How to use

1 gr

100°C / 200 ml

10 min


Net Weight



45 Portions / Cups


Paper bag with transparent film window on the back, 100% recyclable material. Ingredients, instructions for use and expiration date are written on each package.


Greek organic dried mountain tea sprigs.


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