Mount Holomon, which is located in Halkidiki in Central Macedonia, is one of the highest mountains in Greece, with an elevation of 1165 metres.

The enormous biodiversity of Mount Holomon has led to it being named a University Forest, while it is also part of the protected Natura 2000 network.


Holomon has created a wide range of aromatic herbs and herbal products, which we cultivate and harvest in order to fill your life with flavour and well-being. Now, our range of products is available at our E-Shop.

Holomon Street Market

Here you will find a wide range of Holomon products, from herbs, herb mixes and teas to essential oils, tinctures and beeswax salves.

Holomon Premium

The Holomon Premium Product Line, in specially designed, elegant packages. An ideal gift for your loved ones or for yourself!

Our History

Harvesting herbs is not a simple process:  it takes specialist knowledge and requires a variety of skills.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience but we do not confine ourselves only to traditional knowledge. We always consult expert botanists and agronomists because preserving the balance of nature is of paramount importance to us.