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The story of Holomon begins in 1993 in Taxiarchis, one of the few villages located on the mountain of Holomon. Our father Nikos, together with the award-winning botanist Pavlos Haristos, start studying and collecting the herbs that were found on the mountain. The incredible variety they found in nature, along with deep historical and scientific research, led him to envision the Holomon company.

In the same year, the company’s first herb processing laboratory is established, where many varieties of herbs are collected, dried and then scientifically studied. The selection of herbs is a very serious process and should always be done with proper supervision and cooperation with experts. For the next ten years, Holomon selects, processes and distributes high quality herbs in the Halkidiki region.

In 2004 the other members of the family were officially added, after the necessary studies on the subject. The company now acquires a state-of-the-art production facility and laboratory, adding new products to the Holomon range and winning awards for its innovative products.

At the same time, the company’s research work continues to develop and with the valuable help of scientists, in 2014 Holomon creates the first systematic organic herbal crops: mountain tea, lavender, sage, oregano, oregano, linden (or thyme), rosemary.

The purpose of cultivation is to create safe growing conditions for herbs, protecting the natural environment to maintain biodiversity. Two years later in 2016, new crops were added: echinacea, yarrow, hawthorn, meadowsweet.

Holomon’s goal is always the controlled production of herbs, the protection of the environment so as not to disturb its balance and the care of the conservation of the natural landscape of Holomon.


Herbs are nature’s secret gift to man and since their usefulness was discovered, science and human health have been developing rapidly.

Collecting herbs is not a simple process. The requirements are multi-layered and require specific knowledge.

In our company, our experience exceeds 30 years and we do not only stick to traditional knowledge, but we always consult botanists and agronomists to ensure the balance of nature first.

At Holomon we always want our products to be safe, high quality and easy to use, so in our modern laboratories we study all processes with qualified personnel to ensure the production of high value products in a “green” way.

Our ecological consciousness and our deep knowledge of the benefits of herbs for human health are the main pillars of our philosophy.


Herbs hold many secrets within them that can benefit human health.

Holomon has more than 25 acres of organic herb cultivation, covering an impressive variety of more than 45 species. From our cultivations we select fine species of herbs that have beneficial elements for the human body.


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